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         Teton Wilderness Pack Hunts at Hawks Rest Camp


10-Day Teton Wilderness PACK HUNTS
(Elk and/or Moose)
Our Hawks Rest Camp is located in the Teton Wilderness northeast of Jackson...It sets off the southeast corner of Yellowstone Park between the Yellowstone and Thorofare Rivers (Area 60 on a Game & Fish map). It is one day-pack 28 miles, from our base camp at Turpin Meadows...The Hawks Rest camp holds the reputation of being the furthest spot in the continental United States from a road in any direction.

7-Day Teton Wilderness PACK HUNTS
(Elk or Moose only)
This hunt is scheduled during October from our Hawks Rest Camp on the Yellowstone in the Teton Wilderness for those who cannot spend 10 days on a hunt. It is the same quality pack-in hunt with a quality wilderness camp experience, but just a shorter hunt.

Your gear should fit into one or two duffle bags, with your bedroll rolled separate. . . It is better to use two or three shorter duffel bags than one big one. Please try to keep each bag less than 40 lbs.  We want you to take what you need, but please remember that all gear must be packed in 30 miles by mule.

We suggest that you bring a rifle that you are familiar with.  One that has a high velocity load with a flat trajectory... There are a number of good ones . . . Shots will vary from 25 to 400 yards, but most shots are about 200 to 300 yards. We recommend that you sight your rifle in at 200 to 250 yards.

You may wish to insure your rifle and other valuable equipment against damage or loss during the hunt as we accept no responsibility for loss or damage of personal gear.

                                                                                                                               Equipment For Big Game Hunts

warm sleeping bag
personal medications
personal hygiene items
both heavy & light coat
leather boots
rifle & ammunition
light & heavy shirts & pants (two each)
felt-lined, waterproof
pack boots
flashlight & extra
plenty of socks
long thermal underwear
florescent orange cap or hat
good rain gear

  We are active members of the following organizations:

  Charter member of the Wyoming Outfitters Association
  Member of Wyoming State Board of Outfitters

  Jackson Hole Outfitters Association   
  Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce 
  Member of Outdoor America



Hawks Rest Camp
Yellowstone Outfitters Hawks Rest Trophy Elk camp is located on the south east boundary of Yellowstone National Park, and is one of the most remote camps in the lower 48.  Not only will you be hunting in one of the best trophy elk camps in the United States but you will also be hunting in country that looks the same as it did 100 years ago.

Our fully equipped camp consists of a large cook tent, shower tent, sleeping tents with cots, foam mattresses, and wood burning stoves along with plenty of fire wood.  We are proud to say that our camps hold an excellent reputation earned by hiring reputable licensed guides, maintaining a clean comfortable camp, serving good food and supplying both good horses and mules and equipment.


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